Partnership ecosystem

We are cooperating with leading and innovative vendors across the video delivery chain. As a result of our strategic partnerships, video service providers are able to combine technologies to offer services with the highest video quality across multiple set-top boxes, players and devices, leverage unrivalled analytics capabilities and provide superior customer experience.

As a partner to Agama you are part of our end-to-end solution for video monitoring, assurance and analytics. We combine active and passive monitoring with data from devices to create insights into the entire video chain in real-time, from service creation all the way through to the individual customer’s app or device.

Our solution empowers operations, product management, marketing and customer facing teams to assure optimal service quality, improve operational efficiency and increase customer understanding.

“With Agama, THEOplayer’s universal video player integrates with a skilled partner in the monitoring, assurance and analytics part of the video delivery infrastructure. As OTT and streaming media companies today require total control of the whole delivery chain, this partnership ensures a high-quality viewing experience on a wide variety of connected devices”.

Pieter-Jan Speelmans, Chief Technical Officer at THEO Technologies

“By working together with Agama, we can deliver a pre-integrated offering with superior viewer experience as the focus. castLabs’ PRESTOplay player SDKs combined with Agama’s innovative monitoring, assurance and analytics solution provides OTT operators with effective tools to ensure the quality of their service delivery”.

Michael Stattmann, CEO at castLabs

“Agama and VisualOn have joined forces to deliver a pre-integrated offering with customer experience as the focus. VisualOn’s deep client analytics combined with Agama’s innovative quality assurance and analytics technologies provides a platform for OTT operators to effectively ensure the quality of their service delivery.”

Yang Cai, CEO of VisualOn

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