Customer Care

Enable customer care teams to make informed decisions based on the actual service experience.

Customer care interactions, whether personal over the phone or automated on the web, are an important part of the customer’s overall experience. A positive customer care experience helps service providers to improve their NPS-scores and retain their customers. On the other hand, the negative experiences of customer care drives churn. At the same time, personal customer care is one of the big costs for service providers.

Your Benefits

  • Improve all customer interactions with insights on the actual customer experience
  • Identify problem sources, validate KPIs and metadata
  • Customize applications using powerful APIs for integration with customer care solutions
  • Integrate with Field Engineer solutions and workflows for improved efficiency

Our solution supports

First line – Improve customer interactions with insights on the actual customer experience, reduce call times and increase FTR (First Time Right).

Second/third line – Tailored applications supporting the right conclusions for lowered handling time and increased First-Time-Right.

Field engineers – Tailored applications and REST Based APIs for integration with field engineer processes.

Our solutions use objective data, both historical and real-time, and powerful analytics tools to enable customer care teams to verify customer complaints, understand the severity of any issues, and solve or escalate the problems.

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