Service Operations

Critical insights for video service operators to efficiently detect, locate, and solve problems in-service distribution.

Making sure video services are delivered correctly to the viewers is a key success factor for any video service provider. The majority of issues seen by customers stem from the distribution and consumption parts of the delivery chain, and finding and solving problems as well as proactively optimizing performance is vital to a positive customer experience.

Your Benefits

  • Provides critical insights on service performance and customer experience
  • Shortens problem resolution time by cutting thru the complexity of the video stack
  • Uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), strong visualization and automated aggregation
  • Easy to create self-service dashboards and analytics for high efficiency
  • Enterprise integration with role-based authentication for close integration with operational processes

Our solution supports

Incident management – Quickly detect, pinpoint and understand the impact of issues – regardless of whether they occur in the service creation, delivery, or consumption.

Problem management – Perform efficient root-cause analysis and problem resolution verification, including real-time validation of service performance for an individual subscriber.

SLA follow-up – Follow up on KPIs from the whole end-to-end delivery chain on the individual service level, regardless of delivery technology.

Agama’s solution provides detailed critical insights for DevOps, NOC/VOC and 3rd line personnel, to enable proactive improvement efforts that deliver a better customer experience and reduced operational costs. It also supports all distribution technologies, delivering domain-specific insights and deep technical details, while at the same time providing an overall view of service performance with a focus on customer experience.

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