Meet Ragnar Ouchterlony – Principal Software Engineer

25 October, 2021

Ragnar joined the company in 2006. Since then he’s been part of the Development team. He has extensive experience with Agama’s products, and also working in agile mode with cutting-edge technologies.


“I am a member of the Development team, responsible for CDM system. This means working with everything from device integrations through the CDM server backend to the GUI. I work with everyone on the team in developing our capabilities of Agama CDM. I am responsible for making sure the products in the CDM system have the quality, features, and performance required when processing, storing and preparing the data for display and export.”

“In order to achieve this, I provide feedback and advice to other parts of our organization such as Product Management and Services, in order for them to make better decisions. I also help out with most tasks within the team, such as feature design and development work, assisting and providing feedback to team members and assisting with customer requests, and escalated customer support issues.”

“A typical day starts with brewing a cup of tea and checking if there are open questions from team members that I can answer or help find solutions for. From there on, it is mostly open-ended with me either having discussions on our architecture and features or doing one of the normal tasks within the team, such as feature design, development, or assisting others where needed.”

“Working here is very inspiring especially when it comes to the people I work with.  I love discussing with my colleagues how we can make our products even better. I enjoy solving problems, constantly learning new things, and spreading to others the knowledge that I have gained over the years.”

“I have been one of the main developers of the CDM system for a long time and I have seen how many improvements we have done over the years. As such, I am really proud when we get feedback from our customers on how much value they receive when using it.”

“It is very gratifying when a customer has some sort of issue with their service and we can help them pinpoint where the problem is and thus resolve it. I also enjoy optimization and getting the most out of the available resources.”

“When I have the time, I like taking walks, spending time with family and friends. I relax with gaming, reading, and playing the piano.”

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