Analyzers for Cable Networks

The Analyzer eQAM and Analyzer OMNIA provide full insight into the service performance of RF and IP carried MPTS services.

The Analyzer product family covers both the RF and IP domains of cable TV distribution. In IP based core networks, the Analyzer NET can be equipped with support for MPTS analysis. The Analyzer eQAM is tailored for the IP/HFC edge with side-by-side dashboards for IP and RF. The Analyzer OMNIA packs monitoring of up to 48 concurrent RF muxes into a single server. For R-PHY architectures, the Analyzer FLEX can be deployed with support for analysis of DEPI encapsulated muxes and services.


⦿ Visualize service performance and configuration through dashboards, timelines, SI/PSI presentation, logs and more

⦿ Understand and analyze IP and RF quality with metrics such as packet loss, jitter, SNR, MER and signal strength

⦿ Monitor muxes with full TR290 P1, P2 and P3 analysis and track individual services

⦿ Validate stream properties including bitrate, encryption, service lineup, PIDs and metadata

⦿ Gain situational awareness through customizable alarms


✔ Deploy efficiently on commodity servers thanks to the software-based solution with support for professional-grade DVB-C/C2 input cards

✔ Grow according to your needs with streamlined probes and flexible options

✔ Part of the leading end-to-end solution for monitoring, assurance and analytics

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