Head-End Analyzers

With the full stack analysis capabilities of the Analyzer Flex and Analyzer OTT H-E, the head-end teams get real-time insights in all parts of the service.

The Head-End Analyzer product family, which includes Analyzer FLEX and Analyzer OTT H-E, provides head-end teams with real-time insights into all parts of the service: from input stream integrity to encoding quality and ad-insert validation. It offers full-stack analysis capabilities and support across SDI, linear IP, and adaptive bitrate services.

Real-time insights

⦿ Visualize service performance through dashboards, live mosaic, penalty box, timelines and more

⦿ Detect black screen, macroblocking, freeze frame and silence conditions

⦿ Understand and analyze codec syntax and content quality with KPIs like MOS and loudness

⦿ Gain situational awareness through customizable alarms

⦿  Collaborate through integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams

Flexible and Future Proof

✔ Grow according to your needs with flexible options and scalability up to thousands of streams

✔ Deploy on-prem, virtualized or containerized in public or private cloud and hybrid environments

✔  Part of the leading end-to-end solution for monitoring, assurance and analytics

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