Analyzers for IPTV networks

The Analyzer NET provides real-time analysis on the IP and TS layer, giving full insights on service performance in the IP delivery network.

The Analyzer NET is optimized for monitoring of IPTV delivery networks, such as assurance in the egress points, core network or POPs. Powerful visualization, alarming and detailed analysis on IP and transport stream level ensure that stream integrity and possible degradations such as packet loss or jitter are detected immediately.


⦿ Visualize service performance and configuration through dashboards, timelines, SI/PSI presentation, logs and more

⦿ Understand and analyze IP and TS layer with metrics such as packet loss, jitter and TR290 errors

⦿ Centrally visualize user quality per location and channel to pinpoint problems no matter the size of the network and lineup

⦿ Gain situational awareness through customizable alarms

⦿  Collaborate through integration with Slack and Microsoft Teams

Flexible and future proof

✔ Grow according to your needs with streamlined probes available in several capacities up to thousands of streams

✔ Scripted and centrally managed configuration for bare-metal and virtualized environments

✔ Part of the leading end-to-end solution for monitoring, assurance and analytics

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