Agama Enterprise Platform

The Agama Enterprise Platform is the core component for visualization, alarming and correlation.

The Agama Enterprise Platform is designed as the central platform for visualization, analytics, alarming and correlation. It also acts as a central point of integration to other systems with a role-based user interface, to enable wide adaption within an operator organization.

By aggregating metrics and KPIs from the Agama Analyzer probes, the Enterprise Platform creates operational transparency from the head-end and across the delivery networks for all types of delivery technologies, such as OTT, cable, IPTV and broadcast. This shows what services are impacted and where exactly issues have occurred in the processing and delivery chain, regardless of the technology that was used.

Combined with the Agama Client Device Monitoring (CDM) solution, real-time awareness of customer experience and service performance is created through processing and analytics of end device telemetry from Apps, STBs and gateways. These components can be seamlessly used together to create head-end, network or full end-to-end assurance and analytics solutions with dashboards, timelines and root-cause alarms.

By integrating network topology data, the exact spot where any errors occur can be pinpointed in the delivery chain. With support for many thousands of groups, the whole access network can be tracked in real-time. The Enterprise Platform also acts as a central point of integration to other systems within the operator ecosystem, such as NMS:es, data lakes or enterprise analytics platforms.

There are reporting and analytics possibilities for advanced troubleshooting, SLA follow-up and change management. The Agama Enterprise Platform can be flexibly deployed in private or public cloud as well as on bare metal.

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