Client Device Monitoring

Agama Client Device Monitoring (CDM) enables real-time understanding of actual service performance and behavior for each and every subscriber.

Agama Client Device Monitoring (CDM), together with the Agama Enterprise platform, enables real-time understanding of actual service performance and customer experience for each and every subscriber, regardless of where the service is consumed – at home or on the go. It supports all delivery technologies and can be used in OTT, IPTV, cable and hybrid deployments.

The Agama CDM solution provides real-time insights on service quality. By processing telemetry from Apps, set-top boxes, or other devices creates insights into viewer behavior, CDN, and delivery network performance as well as and device and App health.

It has proven scalability and is used by a number of Tier-1, as well as smaller operators across the telco, cable, and OTT industry. The solution is analyzing billions of metrics daily, supporting video and network operations,  NOC teams, product and development, marketing as well as customer care teams.

Interactive dashboards, alarming, correlation and analytics applications in the Agama Enterprise platform help video operations and development teams to efficiently operate and improve a video service. Business Intelligence (BI) and Media Measurement analytics create deep insight into customer behavior, engagement and underlying causes of degraded performance.

With the capabilities of integrating with Customer Care processes through applications and APIs, customer care teams can get real-time insights into the objective customer experience and where issues have occurred – in the service, the delivery network or at home – to improve call resolutions and reduce call length.

The solution is integrated in apps on all major app platforms,  including iOS, Android, Shakaplayer, TvOS, SmartTVs, and in STBs from many leading CPE vendors.

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Agama’s newsroom SA, a leading service provider with more than 150,000 customers, has implemented an Agama Client Device Monitoring solution and reduced problems impacting on-demand customers with more than 50%. Read more.

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